Stated Meeting - April 4th, 2017

Tonight was the official visit of the Deputy to the Grand Master of District 8, of the Grand Lodge of Washington of Free and Accepted Masons Jim Hamlin. We were happy to see lot’s of visitors from Skykomish #259, Sultan-Monroe #160, Damascus #199, and Arlington #129.

Brother Adam Semon presented the Masonic teaching to open the meeting reminding us that there are many words used in our teaching whose meaning has been forgotten to many of those growing up today, and even some of the members of the lodges today



Brother Travis was presented with his 50-year Masonic pin from the Grand Lodge of California, a grand milestone for someone who has stayed with Masonry through the ups and downs over the years.


Here is the link to the Junior Grand Wardens Candidates Forum, by Daylight Lodge No. 232.  There are videos of the questions and answers for the forum

Stated Meeting - Dec. 15th, 2015

Happy Holidays from Crystal Lodge #122! The new officers for the fiscal year of 2016-2017 have been regularly installed into their stations and places!, and tonight was their first "official" time decorating those chairs.

The evening started with dinner, with a range of ham, potatoes, corn on the cob and sides with custard crumble for desert. Our newly installed Junior Warden has assured us a hearty meal every meeting, as well as at least one Table Lodge this year! Looking forward to that!

In attendance tonight was a returning Mason from the Grand Lodge of Russia, Br. Ilya Strobykin, WM of Jupiter Lodge #7 in Moscow, Russia. And MWB G. Santy Lascano, who, ascending to the East, was reported saying, "WM, this is an opportunity I have long sought"..
 Both of these worthy Brothers had gifts to present to our new Worshipful Master: A masonic hat, crafted by MWB. Santy, and a bottle of Vodka direct from Moscow.

There was a masonic lecture delivered to the craft relating to the Alter. A commitee was formed for a "Monte Carlo Night". Wages were paid to the Traveling Masons and Pro-Tem officers. Lodge was closed with Peace and Harmony prevailing! See you next year, Bretheren!

Stated Meeting - Nov. 3rd, 2015

Many Masonic tidings for Crystal Lodge this evening! Our Grandmaster, MWB Don Monks, attended lodge with us tonight, accompanied by VWB Jim Hamlin, District Deputy; and MWB G. Santy Loscano, Past Grand Master, and many other visiting Bretheren beside.

Bills AND wages were paid, plus, a special presentation was held for, WB Don Severn who, after laboring 50 years in the Masonic quarry, was honored for his achievement and pinned by our Worshipful Master, WB Bret Griffin, to commemorate the occasion! - Congratulations, Br. Don!

Above: VWB Jim Hamlin-D.D#8,            WB Don Severn(Awardee),     &   MWB Don Monks-Grand Master of WA.

Above: VWB Jim Hamlin-D.D#8,            WB Don Severn(Awardee),     &   MWB Don Monks-Grand Master of WA.

Stated Meeting - Oct. 20th, 2015

Tonight was an extra special communication. VWB Ken Cage invited his son, Arlan, to visit us from his lodge in Mt. Shasta, California, and deliver one of his lectures, "Further Light in Masonry". It was, for most in attendance, the most enlightening lecture ever received! There were numerous accounts afterwards claiming, "this is what I've been after, and why I joined the Freemasons!" In our midst this evening came two Worshipful Masters from Centennial #25 and Alpha #212, as well as, RWB Warren, Senior Grand Warden. Again, thanks to the pro-tem Officers! Wages were paid and peace and harmony prevailed.

1st° - Sep. 29th, 2015

Crystal Lodge #122, with the aid of some bretheren from Everett #137 and Ferndale Lodge #264, welcomed yet another man into our Fraternity. Dinner was held at 6pm, a humble pot of spaghetti, and the degree kicked-off at 7pm. Some brothers extended the praise, "best degree in awhile"; extra thanks to the degree team and those who came to visit and witness a friend become a Brother. Congratulations, Adam!

Stated Meeting - Mar. 17th, 2015

It might be said that this night truly started yesterday, Monday the 16th, when three traveling Brothers from Crystal#122 attended Westgate Lodge#128 to witness Brothers, Earl Lara and Arjay Protacio, receive their membership vest as presented by the Widow's Sons. 

Arjay and Jim met in the military. Brother Protacio was a corpsman in the Navy and was attached to Brother Thompson's USMC unit.

Arjay and Jim met in the military. Brother Protacio was a corpsman in the Navy and was attached to Brother Thompson's USMC unit.

Our reception was most masonic and a tour of the building revealed an astounding collection of works of art including an extensive library. Of these works, the most favored were pictured above: A gavel richly carved presented to their lodge by Leo A. Meltzer Dec. 23rd, 1913, and a handsome picture depicting Mozart (red jacket; front right) seated within a congregation of Master Masons in 18th century Vienna.

Worshipful Brother Don Castro, Master of Westgate#128, extended his Brotherly love and affection by announcing he would endeavor to visit us on our stated meeting the following night for Corned Beef and Cabbage. Masonic cheer reigned and the rest of our night was a party..

Our regular stated meeting was "a blast". Br. Damian cooked up 6 corned beef briskets, an Irish load of potatoes and two kinds of cabbage served up with Killian's and Guinness. As promised, WM Don Castro traveled up to Marysville and Worthy Brother, Arjay Protacio accompanied him as well. Other visiting members included: Right Worshipful Jim Mendoza, Senior Grand Warden, Worshipful Brother Terry Towns, Master of Peninsular#95 and Worthy Brother Todd Beam of Centennial#25.


Our meeting wasn't lengthy and there was not very much business. Most of our time was spent in conversation regarding the masonic education topics picked out by our Senior Warden: Bone Box, Cowans & Eavesdroppers, and Change. RWB Jim had some poignant remarks about young men seeking out our fraternity for the "WHY" and deeply encouraged masonic education.

Peace and harmony prevailed as the wages were paid. Save these wages Bretheren! Visiting members and pro-tem officers, as well as, outstanding Lodge members will receive these at the end of the night to be exchanged for various items at a future period.

Things are brightening in our East.

Stated Meeting - Mar. 3rd, 2015

We had a business lite, fellowship heavy meeting tonight at Crystal #122. A few visitors brought more Light into our lodge and those Brother's wages were paid. Thanks again to Brothers, Todd Beam of Centennial #25, Casey Mulivrana, Master of Everett#137 and Past Master of Everett#137, Jim Hamlin.

Our evening started at around 6:15pm, worthy Brother Damian prepared modified roast beef and we relished it. Officers had a step-up night which was welcome and most of the meeting was reports on committees and relief. WB Lail's wife, Sonja, had a spill and broke her hip, our thoughts are with them.

New business, March 10, 2015 Lynn Valley#122 will be having their installation and the bretheren are encouraged to attend. Meeting at Crystal Lodge @ 3pm for carpool, bring your enhanced ID and/or a passport. 

Stated Meeting - Feb. 3rd, 2015

Our evening kicked off with our Junior Warden, Br. Damian Stephan preparing us some French Dips for dinner,which were very well received by the bretheren. In the midst of dining, a visitor, WB John Schenkel; from Arlington #129, arrived and we broke bread together. It was, quote, "A long time since I been here.." and we were glad to have you, Brother.

The meeting was fun, WB Bret Griffin was ill and the Officers preformed well despite his absence. A very masonic evening.

Stated Meeting - Jan. 20th, 2015

An extra special evening for Crystal #122, Brother Larry Baker (pictured center) was passed to Fellowcraft Mason.


Dinner was prepared and served, delicious home-made Turkey Pot Pie; and we had 20 Bretheren in attendance for Br. Larry's Degree! Great turn out, Great Night, Great Fellowship.

Extra special thanks to VWB. Cary Cope for his lecture - phenomenal

Stated Meeting - Dec. 16th, 2014

Good night with the Bretheren of Crystal Lodge..

Evening started with newly installed Junior Warden, Damian Stephan, preparing a flawless spaghetti dinner, looking forward to further meals throughout 2015. During the meeting, a few Brothers had to step-up and fill some officer seats in Lodge, thanks to those Worthy Brothers.

Tonight was also the first meeting of our newest Entered Apprentice, Brother George Lusk. While in attendance, he and the other Bretheren of Crystal Lodge witnessed, Brother Larry Baker, proved proficiency in the Entered Apprentice Lecture - congratulations to him!

Again, it was a good night at Crystal.. many more to come.

Stated Meeting - Oct. 7th, 2014

Bretheren of Crystal Lodge #122 had an absolutely FANTASTIC meeting tonight.
Pizza and Nuggets was for supper! Wives and children in attendance
Gave out TWO petitions!!!! and had visitations: Thomas Hembree from Sunnyside Lodge #163 in Portland Oregon, and the Brothers' Larry from Arlington #129 dropped off the Traveling Gavel... didn't we just give you guys that?

Hawaiian Night - Jun. 3rd, 2014

The bretheren of Crystal Lodge #122, their wives and guests had, by all accounts, "A really fun time"; not only was the meal, prepared by Brother Keith and his wife, pleasant, but the meeting was fast and ran smoothly and was fun and full of cheer, a proper masonic evening.

Visiting bretheren included Brother Todd Beam of Centennial #25, Worshipful Brother Jay Morris, Recent Past Master of Everett #137, Brother Casey Mulivrana, Senior Warden of Everett #137, and Very Worshipful Brother Warren Schoeben, Grand Lecturer.

We fraternal brothers were impressed by the proficiency of Brother Daniel Albro, who proved up on his Entered Apprentice Lecture, and humbled by the words of Brother Anthony Juarez, who, being a Corpsman for the United States Navy, informed us this was his last meeting, and will be leaving Crystal Lodge for his new duty station in California - be safe, Brother.

Yes, indeed, a fine night of masonic cheer!

Stated Meeting - May 20th, 2014

Past Master's Night at Crystal Lodge was decent. All the Bretheren present save six were Past Masters, visitors in attendance were WB Gary O'Leary WB Vincent DiGuilio and RWB Jim Mendoza, Junior Grand Warden.

Harvey's world famous lasagna was well received and the meeting which followed was enlightening. Vinny conducted a program based on his research regarding the schism between Masonry and the Catholic church. And at the end of the night we enjoyed some ice cream sandwiches and discussed the presentation further.



Stated Meeting - Apr. 1st, 2014

Crystal Lodge #122 brings tidings from the East! A very well attended lodge meeting tonight; which was worthy and well, because the bretheren had much business to discuss.

The Junior Warden sounded the dinner bell at 6:10 and the meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and by some accounts, was "mighty fine." Thank you Brother Bailey and those who helped.

Final preparations were discussed regarding the Junior Achievement Program, we will be honoring those student Tuesday, April 15th at 6:30pm.

Crystal Lodge will also be holding a Roast beef dinner this Sunday, April 6th. Hope you can join us!

Stated Meeting - Mar. 18th, 2014

Crystal Lodge #122 had its official visit of the District Deputy this evening, VW Steve Wandel was received in due form.

The night started off with dinner, corned beef and cabbage, special thank you to Harvey, Dale and Don for preparing the meal and serving the lodge. Among the visiting bretheren was WB  Jay Morris from Everett #137, and WBs John Novak and Gary O'Leary from Skykomish #259 who also delivered to our care the Traveling Gavel!

Lots of laughs tonight, a truly enjoyable evening. Bills were paid and some minor discussion concerning our lodge joining the Chamber of Commerce in the future.

Thank you to all who attended and brought us more light.

Stated Meeting - Feb. 18th, 2014

How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! Great night at Crystal Lodge! Visiting bretheren from Everett #137, WB Larry Foley Arlington #129, and WB Craig Wood Renaissance #312.

photo 2.JPG

Dinner was held at 6:15, spaghetti and salad with apple crumb for desert. The meeting was quick and direct in order to afford VWB Ken Cage extra time for his lecture concerning the deeper spiritual meanings behind the Entered Apprentice Degree.

WB Craig Wood invited all to attend Renaissance #312 Monday, February 24th for their Festive Board. The event will be held in the Eagles Club in Redmond, WA. The cost will be $25  Prime rib, unlimited wine, open bar.

RSVP at www.  ..should be quite the table lodge!

Stated Meeting - Feb. 4th, 2014

The bretheren of Crystal Lodge #122 had a strong attendance tonight, some 24 members arrived and broke bread together. Visiting brothers from Everett Lodge #137 included: WB Jim Hamlin, Br Howard Stephens and Br Doug Carr, a special thanks to those worthy brothers for joining us.

A unanimous vote secured Br Anthony Juarez' affiliate petition and wished him good-luck on his orders to Afghanistan.

photo 1.JPG

WB Jim Phillips was presented with a Past Masters apron, wearing it proudly in this photo (front right) and WB Farlan Duberry was presented a Hiram Award for his continued diligence in our Junior Achievement Program, a scholarship to the top male and female Juniors in local schools. And WB Harvey Lail reported that the Marysville Food Bank received it's donation from us and were quite pleased.

Also, this Sunday, Feb. 9th, is Crystal Lodge's Ladies' Night. 5pm Social hour, followed by dinner at 6. Women are FREE and the men pay $10 at the door.

Please call Harvey Lail to confirm reservations.