As a potential candidate, it is important to understand your role here with us.

     Your sole duty is to attend Lodge whenever able (primarily every Tuesday, 6:00pm-7:30pm) to engage with us in our refreshments, so that we all may become better acquainted.

     Generally, we don't hand out petitions on your first visit, this is to detour those men who are merely curious about our Fraternity rather than those who seek to patronize our mysteries and join us in our assemblies. If this happens to you (and it will) do not be disheartened! show your zeal and keep returning.

     After you've returned to us a completed petition, it will be read and voted on immediately during the next stated meeting; whereby, a committee will be appointed to visit you and your family at your home. This whole process is lengthy and during busy times of the year, it could be 2-5 months before your initiation.