Stated Meeting - Dec. 15th, 2015

Happy Holidays from Crystal Lodge #122! The new officers for the fiscal year of 2016-2017 have been regularly installed into their stations and places!, and tonight was their first "official" time decorating those chairs.

The evening started with dinner, with a range of ham, potatoes, corn on the cob and sides with custard crumble for desert. Our newly installed Junior Warden has assured us a hearty meal every meeting, as well as at least one Table Lodge this year! Looking forward to that!

In attendance tonight was a returning Mason from the Grand Lodge of Russia, Br. Ilya Strobykin, WM of Jupiter Lodge #7 in Moscow, Russia. And MWB G. Santy Lascano, who, ascending to the East, was reported saying, "WM, this is an opportunity I have long sought"..
 Both of these worthy Brothers had gifts to present to our new Worshipful Master: A masonic hat, crafted by MWB. Santy, and a bottle of Vodka direct from Moscow.

There was a masonic lecture delivered to the craft relating to the Alter. A commitee was formed for a "Monte Carlo Night". Wages were paid to the Traveling Masons and Pro-Tem officers. Lodge was closed with Peace and Harmony prevailing! See you next year, Bretheren!