You have to ask a Mason in order to become one.

No member of the Craft will ever solicit you for membership, as masonic tradition requires that the decision to join is of your own free will and accord.

A potential candidate for the Degrees of Masonry must fulfill the following requirements:


  • Be a man who comes of his own free will
  • Believe in a Supreme Being (the form of which is left to open interpretation by the candidate)
  • Be at least the minimum age (from 18-25 years old depending on the jurisdiction)
  • Be of good morals, and of good reputation
  • Be of sound mind and body
  • Be able to attend Lodge regularly

  • Financially capable of supporting himself while attending Lodge (in consideration of Membership Dues).

  • Have been a resident of Washington State for at least six months; however, the residency requirement is waived for sea­faring men/active members of the military.

Come by our lodge, Crystal Lodge#122, on Any Tuesday night, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, and introduce yourself. It’s that simple.

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